EurotecnicaEstablished in 1962 in Milan, the vibrant economic heart of Italy, Eurotecnica is known for its leading position as technology provider, designer and implementer of plants based on Group’s proprietary technologies encompassing the notable:
Euromel® Melamine Process, the leading and best available technology for the production of melamine, a high-end chemical used in the manufacturing of wood-based products, laminates, moulding compounds, fire-extinguishing foams.
ET Black™ Process, the technology of reference for the production of carbon black, one of the most important chemicals widely applied in the automotive industry.
ET Sun Energy™ Process, a reliable green technology applied at CSP solar plants for harvesting the sun energy during daylight and releasing throughout the evening to enhance the dispatchability of electric power.

Eurotecnica is also known for its massive experience as engineering and contracting company in the Oil & Gas, Refinery and Petrochemical sectors, wherein it is active since the foundation. The ability to design and implement units with innovative solutions have attracted the attention of companies the likes of UOP LLC, that selected Eurotecnica as preferred contractor for a number of units based on their own technologies, ranging from CCR Reforming, to Benzene-Toluene- Xylene, Hydrotreating and N-paraffins extraction.
Across a 40 years journey as licensors and contractors, Eurotecnica Group has been committing to protect the environment through the continuous improvement of proprietary technologies, providing the customers sustainability without affecting profitability.
Eurotecnica Group long lasting reputation as prime technology provider, engaged in the preservation of the environment through responsible design and innovative operational techniques, is an invaluable asset for customers, partners, employees and shareholders.Eurotecnica Group is part of Proman Group - a corporation with assets in Trinidad & Tobago, USA, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Oman.