2016 - The world's largest single train high-pressure melamine plant into successful operation at Henan XLX Fertiliser Ltd. premises in Xinjiang.

In one of the most challenging areas in China characterized by extreme climatic condition, a large melamine plant - based on Eurotecnica’s newest 4th generation of the notable Euromel® Melamine Process - has been successfully commissioned on Sept. 1st 2016.

Engineered and constructed in less than 2 years after contract finalization and with a nameplate capacity of 60,000 ton/year, this plant sets a new record in the melamine industry, featuring the world’s largest single high-pressure reactor.

Combined with the lowest energy consumption, reduced investment and the traditional total zero pollution features, this plant perfectly embodies all the ultimate achievements of the 4th generation Euromel® Melamine Technology by Eurotecnica.

An impressive number of 20 licensed Euromel® Melamine plants and a licensees’ list including companies the likes of Henan XLX, Hubei Yihua, Qatar Qafco, MHTL, Zhong Yuan Dahua, Petrochina, Grupa Azoty ZAP, KHPC, makes of Eurotecnica the undisputed technology leader in the melamine industry.
Milan based Eurotecnica is part of Proman Group, a corporation with assets in Germany, Trinidad, USA, Italy, Switzerland, Oman.