Milan, Italy, 24th November 2022 – Eurotecnica, the technology arm of the Proman family of companies, marked 60 years in business this year in a gathering with employees, business partners and friends helping to celebrate the milestone.

Established in 1962 in Milan, Eurotecnica has pioneered the development of three technologies - Euromel® Melamine Process, ET Black™ Process and ET Sun Energy™ Process. It became part of the Proman family of companies in 2007.

The Euromel® Melamine Process is now used in twenty-eight plants worldwide, accounting for more than 1,130,000 metric tonnes of melamine produced yearly, making Eurotecnica the undisputed leader in this space.

Having pioneered the world's only melamine process with Total-Zero-Pollution, which eliminates solid waste and liquid effluents, combining low energy consumption with low capital expenditure, Eurotecnica is committed more than ever to helping its customers achieve a more sustainable future through technology innovation.

Congratulation, Eurotecnica, for this achievement and here's to the next 60!