2015 - Ceremony for the 15th Anniversary of first ever high-pressure melamine plant in China

We are pleased to announce that on late June 2015 Eurotecnica and Henan Zhong Yuan Dahua have celebrated in Puyang their 15th anniversary of safe operation of the first high-pressure melamine production complex ever implemented in China.


The Henan Zhong Yuan Dahua Melamine Complex is based on the notable Eurotecnica Euromel® Melamine High-Pressure Process, already applied in 20 units worldwide for a total capacity exceeding 610,000 ton/year, one third of the world’s melamine consumption.


Euromel® Melamine Process has been constantly developing since 1978, the year when Eurotecnica designed and implemented the very first unit in Kuwait, up to the ultimate 4th generation (G4), which is characterized by an extremely low energy consumption and halved plant footprint. Euromel® Melamine Process is also famous for featuring total zero pollution, a unique advantage only available from this technology.


Eurotecnica and Henan Zhong Yuan Dahua are presently working together for a revamping project aimed at implementing the remarkable feature of G4 Euromel® Melamine Process into the existing 15 years old complex.