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Melamine is a non-toxic and non-hazardous chemical compound, mainly used in the manufacturing of melamine/formaldehyde resins that fit into a large variety of applications, such as laminates, particleboards and thermosetting plastic. Other applications include paints, glues and flame-retardants.

Three main characteristics make melamine a versatile chemical compound:

  • Stability, making it resistant to chemical, thermal and physical degradation;
  • Structure, allowing it to be combined with other chemicals and chemical compounds, particularly formaldehyde and other monomers, in a wide variety of chemical reactions and polymerisation;
  • Nitrogen content (66%wt), providing excellent fire retardant properties. When exposed to intense heat, nitrogen is released and inhibits the combustion.

Having implemented the remarkable number of 20 units worldwide, Eurotecnica is the world’s leading licensor, technology provider and contractor for the melamine production plants.

Every year, a half million tons of melamine are produced in plants licensed, designed and contracted by Eurotecnica.

A melamine production plant of Eurotecnica-design gives the fertilizer producers a unique opportunity to increase the profits of the entire complex.

Moreover, thanks to the high performance of its melamine production technology, Eurotecnica is your ideal vehicle for becoming a reputed player in the melamine field and increasing your standing in this sector.