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Melamine - Integration

The profitability of a melamine plant is greatly enhanced when the plant is integrated with an upstream urea plant for reprocessing the melamine off-gas rich in ammonia and carbon dioxide and for re-converting these components into valuable urea.


Eurotecnica Melamine Process is notably simple and efficient to be integrated.

Thanks to this, the net specific urea consumption per unit of melamine is just 1.428.

Seen from the perspective of an investor willing to establish a AUM complex that produces ammonia-urea-melamine, the application of Eurotecnica Melamine Process grants a materials consumption (in Eurotecnica process it is only urea) which is half the melamine industry average.

On top of that, the extremely simple design of the Eurotecnica reaction section (where there is no use of machines operating under heavy conditions of temperature, pressure and risk of corrosion) contributes to the smooth and efficient integration and avoids undesired perturbations that may lead to temporary plant shutdown and consequently to loss of production and loss of money.

In this respect another important feature of Eurotecnica Melamine Process is the so-called reactor bottling-in.

By this feature, in case of short unavailability of the upstream urea plant, the reactor can just be isolated. Once the urea flow is restored, the melamine reactor can immediately be brought back to maximum rate, with melamine product fully to specifications.