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Carbon Black - Process

Here is where the reaction takes place, where the conversion oil is transformed into Carbon Black.


The proven design of a Eurotecnica CB Reactor, the operating parameters and the advanced control techniques are guarantees of high reliability, high yield and wide spectrums of carbon black grades.

No other parts of a carbon black plant are as important as the reactor.

If a CB grade does not get the specified characteristics within the reactor, it is unlikely that it will improve while moving down through the downstream sections of the plant.

A solid design and the careful selection of upstream and downstream equipment helps enhance the energy conservation of a Carbon Black plant, also important in reducing the production costs.

There are two main categories of carbon black: Hard Black and Soft Black, identified by ASTM as N300 and N600 respectively. The world market requires them to be a 2/3 – 1/3 proportion.

A remarkable feature of Eurotecnica design is that a wide variety of grades is produced by two types of reactors only, the Hard Black and the Soft Black Reactor.

This feature means reduced investment, added to great flexibility in manufacturing those grades that markets require and pay better.